Antiviral Herbs

The virus is a different creature than the bacteria. One big difference between them is that antibiotics have no effect on viruses. But a great thing that many people don’t know is that certain herbs do have antiviral action, and many of those helpful herbs are widely available. Here are some of them.

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Some of the Most Popular Antibiotic Herbs

Plants and herbs with antibiotic properties seem to elude the adaptation abilities of bacteria and so don’t seem to lead to the appearance of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This has caused ever increasing interest in and research on herbs.

Antibiotic herbs have always been used in the home for minor infections and as antiseptics to prevent infection, and research continues to prove their efficacy.

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Gout – Natural Remedies

Gout is a very painful form of arthritis that is caused by an excess of uric acid build-up in the body. An excess of uric acid occurs when the kidneys are consistently overloaded and have a hard time eliminating the excess. As a result, these uric acid deposits can become crystallized and accumulate in between the joints, damaging them.
Those afflicted with gout often have uric acid deposits in their big toe joints. These uric acid deposits may appear as lumpy patches under the skin, and in the toes can make the wearing of shoes and even walking excruciatingly painful.  Gout can be so debilitating that even a bedsheet draped over the foot can cause excruciating pain.

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